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Puzzles....I've always had a fascination with jigsaw puzzles.

I am drawn to their repetitive pieces, the search for the right piece by color and shape.

Perhaps that's when my passion began. ,

An artist and designer living in the Bay Area.

I worked in fashion design for many years before making way back into fine arts. I've painted since a young age and dabbled in numerous mediums but for the last 5 or so years I've been mainly focused in copper foil, stained glass. I'm drawn to the process and am always so stoked when a perfect fit happens. IYKYK

I'm an artist and designer living in Northern California. I work out of my studio in the Bay Area and find great inspiration from all that surrounds me here.

I've been a creative my whole life dabbling in many different art forms. I worked in apparel design for many many years and have always had my hands in some form of craft & design. 

I jumped into stained glass a few years ago and after taking a couple classes knew quickly I was all in. My mom was a stained glass artist and I grew up watching her make beautiful thoughtful work. She taught me the process at a young age but I didn't find my passion for it until a few years ago.

I love to create and even more so love to create for others. Interested in a work of your own?

 I also offer a collection of my stained glass if you are looking to buy a piece of art now. Shop

Hi, I'm Mandy

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